WhatsApp Video Calling

We know we haven’t been writing much on our blog post and pushing any updates but as and when required when our users should know about any big news coming up we are ready to give them. This time we are coming back to WhatsApp Video Calling feature big news. Yes, the game changer app in the market, the team has finally started rolling out WhatsApp Video Calling feature and we would like to know our users about it. The video calling feature is available to all the beta testers of the app as well the users who now about updating the app in from external sources. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to, we will help you out but before that, let’s share some more changes about the news updates and the new features of WhatsApp Video Calling and other things.

About The Video Calling

WhatsApp Video Calling is non other than a big update for all users. Later before when the voice calling feature rolled out, it was a great event to be covered upon since people needed invites to be using WhatsApp calling feature and since today after the whatsapp video calling feature is officially rolled out, people are still thinking how to use it. The Video Calling feature works pretty well on even 2G connections (slow connectivity internet) and you can easily hop on a call and see your loved ones.

whatsapp video calling update

Design & Emoticon Updates

WhatsApp now allows you to make it your default picture editor. Yes, WhatsApp has introduced draw feature just like it’s Facebook Messenger to draw and edit the screenshot, pictures etc. in real time. You can even pick up a bruze size, font style and start designing. Apart from that any single emoticon you send single will be displayed as a large icon instead a small emoticon itself.

Other Major & Group Updates

WhatsApp has also focused on introducing and improviding productivity of the app to compete the other apps. WhatsApp now allows users to even send document like DOCS, PDF etc to their contacts so that they don’t need to use any third party application to share important files and folders. Apart from that the WhatsApp team has also updates the group feature. Now you can even mention users in the group and tag them. On this recent update with Video calling feature, people can now even share group links and invite family and friends to join!


The update is available on WhatsApp 2.16.318 (Beta) So let’s just focus on the big picture now and give our readers what other features are now live in this new update:

  • Video Calling Feature
  • Mentioning Users in group using @ tag
  • Inviting friends to join group, sharing group links.
  • Emoticons Update
  • Draw and design in real time
  • Documentation and file sharing

Where to download the update?

Click the button below to start downloading.