Earn With Google Adsense

Earn with Google Adsense

Greetings everyone,

Thanks for stopping by again and we are happy to announce the final results for our Rise Back Program. We have selected the top 10 users from the list of of 93 people. These people are based on different criteria based on how much they have been engaged in the online trends, how they have been work, the criteria of their working and the method they adopt. These is completely final based list from our team after having conversation with these people directly. First of all, we would like to whole heartily congratulate them for their selections and we welcome them to our Sharing Tricks community. We would like to congratulate these winners and request them to keep an eye on their email for further process. The guide to the success should be like a story book and be readed completely.

Before we could process further, we would like to tell you that, we will be guiding you and helping you setting all the things right at your path so that you can flurish and help others as well in the same manner because this is the manner how we roll. Grow and Help others on your path and the time you fall down, their would be people who will life you up again.

Here is the list of the winners depending upon the request and divided accordingly as per team basis:

1) Ashish Kohli (The Gold Spotter)

2) Arun Brahma & Himanshu Teotia (Team Trickers)

3) Ashish Khandelwal & Avinash Kumar & Darpan Kumar (Team Trollers)

4) Rishisundar & Nishant Ranjan & Vikas R.V (Team Gamers)


What is Google Adsense Again?

Google AdSense is a program run by Google that allows publishers in the Google Network of content sites to serve automatic text, image, video, or interactive media advertisements, that are targeted to site content and audience. It helps publishers or bloggers to generate amount of revenue by hosting network ads on the blogs, websites or content niche etc. So you can just sit home and post updates about the trending niche, blogs and reviews to earn from right there.

Read about the “Rise Back” Program by Sharing Tricks!

Terms & Conditions:

  1. To keep you on the track and keep the servers alive as well, we will agreement upon a share of 60% 40% on the revenue sharing method, where you keep the 60% and we take 40% from your side.
  2. In between, if you drop off with the project, you will be added to our Black List Network and you will never get a chance to get back in again since their would be valid reason for it.
  3. We keep update with wordpress rather than blogger since it provides more customization and you should be working without copying content, keeping the content original and following the right path of blogging is your goal to reach the way to success.
  4. We will help you get your Adsense account easily like never before and if you are already blacklisted, don’t worry, you can use our account and we still keep your 60% of the share.
  5. If you have another idea of hosting a blog or niche with another way round, we would love to hear it from you, just drop an email to [email protected]
  6. You will not follow any illegal method of development or exchanging the data, the content niche is a different thing.
  7. The music stuff if you thing wouldn’t work well for Adsense, we already had planned how it is gonna work, so for each aspect we will keep you update and working!
  8. Keep faith, trust and believe in yourself and you are good to GO! So don’t wait!