A guy named eds has from edsjunk.net has combined both XBOX ONE and PS4 into one laptop to make it portable.


Though it is not as portable as one might think as it requires continuous power supply and is quite heavy after all it contains two consoles in it, what one can even say?

The PlayStation 4 sits on the left-hand side and the Xbox One is on the right-hand side of the PlayBox. The laptop has a 1080p 22-inch screen and there are two Ethernet ports for wired connections to the Internet for each of the consoles. It has an HDMI-out port to output the video stream from either of the consoles to a larger screen. And there is a smart HDMI switch so users do not have to change inputs within the monitor menu. Playbox is a very  decent way to pick and get your gaming station to another room without disturbing anyone. Have a look at the video and tell us what you would like to say about it :


So what are you waiting for, try it out if you find it in a store near you 😀 and send one to us too 🙂
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