Operating System in Browser

OS.js is a free and open source operating system that runs in your web browser. OS.js is based on Javascript which has a most of the Operating System main features including those of a Window Manager, ability to install new applications, access to a virtual file system to manage and create new files, play games and alot more. It recreates you with a new Operating System in Browser.


Yes, you heard it right on, if you ever wanted to run your very own portable carrying a simple one browser based operating system, it’s your time now. More like a website, a full-fledged Operating System In Browser not just a website is what you get with the new OS.js, the new free and open source operating system Javascript project.

You may however lack some of the major functionalities but to give it a good start you will get fully customizable Web Desktop and Window Manager inspired by Linux desktop environments, built to be blazingly fast and feel like the real thing. The OS.js is already serving alot of users in their official demo website who are spending time enjoying in the new browser based Operating System. Here are some of the major targeted features you may enjoy in the OS.js that will make you fall in love with it and of course will make you a not to resist to give it a try once.

Operating System in Browser

Run Applications

Includes a default suite of Applications that you enjoy, this includes the following: File Manager, Music player, Video player, Picture viewer and editor, Calculator and text editors as described on the website.


Extendable Features

The Javascript APIs of the OS.js is so flexible and since the source is free and open source, you are free to extend the feature the way you want and make a full-fledged more advance working Operating System the way you want.

OS.js Demo

Dropbox, Google Drive & More

Yes, as described you can also use your very own virtual file systems on the go. The OS.js APIs are meant to be integrated in a manner that you can browse your virtual system files on the go and exchange them as well. You can download and modify them as well.

To view the complete list of features, check out the official website of OS.js


Virtual Gaming

Anders Evenrud has made the Javascript so powerful that you will never ever get a single feel that you are browsing or using a website, the Javascript APIs are build so flexible to let you enjoy even the most awesome. The default games of the OS.js includes Tetris and Wolfenstein3D.


OS Startup

The default time for the loading of the OS is nearly 3-4 seconds on a normal broadband connection of 2MBPS. However if you are on very slow internet connection, luck is what all you need. This is your new Operating System in Browser.

Seems the OS.js was started up back in 2014 and has pushed to alot more updates with advanced and alot bug free now in 2015. Don’t forget to check out the video demonstration to understand the simple browser OS. This operating system works in any modern browser and all platforms.


Demo of OS.jsSource Code of OS.jsInstall OS.js