WhatsApp Voice Calling


Finally WhatsApp has made it’s voice calling feature officially rolling out to it’s users and it’s being available so easy. It looks like mobile messaging service WhatsApp has started rolling out the much awaited voice calling feature. Yes! WhatsApp Voice Calling feature in on the way to be provided to users but it works more like an invite.

The calling feature is included in WhatsApp’s new build (2.11.552) which is only available on MindFreakers Official Website & WhatsApp’s website at the time of filing this story. So users will need to download the .apk file and side-load the app until it arrives on the Play Store.

Sorry to iphone users, you aren’t getting it so quick.

However, even after installing the new version, voice calling will not be activated for all users by default, you need to ask someone like us to activate it for you. Users will only be able to get the voice calling feature if someone who has it enabled calls them through WhatsApp similar to an invite system.

WhatsApp has not announced the rollout of the feature yet. Perhaps, it’s still testing the feature with selected users.

Last year, WhatsApp had announced that it soon plans to roll out voice calling feature for its users. In December, a few screenshots of the feature had leaked.

According to WhatsApp CEO Jan Koum, the delay in rolling out voice calling feature was due to technical hurdles that developers were facing. He had said that the service had been delayed till Q1 2015, speaking at an industry conference in October.

The voice calling feature will bring WhatsApp in direct clash with apps like WeChat, Viber and Line that already allow users to make calls and send messages. WhatsApp is the biggest instant messaging app in the world, with 700 million active users in January 2015.

How to use of WhatsApp Voice Calling Official Release:

  • You will need WhatsApp Version 2.1.561 ( later you can update) to use this feature. (Links at Last of this post)
  • You will also need android 4.4.x or later (some people confirm you might also need this but you can try with Jelly bean) ICS not supported.
  • After that download Go to https://www.facebook.com/EmoSagar and send him a message “callwhatsapp and yournumber”. Ex: callwhatsapp 9876543210
  • A screenshot of WhatsApp version. Get it from WhatsApp > Settings > Help > About with the version we mentioned and you will get a call automatically soon.  
  • Once number allowed per one user request or you will be banned.

If you don’t follow the guide, you wouldn’t get the call.

Note that you cannot call or use this feature till the time you didn’t received call from someone who already have this feature enabled. After you have got a call from someone with this feature enabled, u will automatically launch the new screen when start and will be their forever.

Download the WhatsApp version 2.11.561

Please leave your feedback about this or anything you need help with.


Update 1: Invite window is open now (8:22pm IST 6-3-2015)

WhatsApp has opened the invite window again. The feature should activate if you get a call from a friend, but it’s a bit hit-and-miss. Odds are in your favor if you have the latest WhatsApp 2.11.552. We’re not sure how long the window will stay open so act fast if you need an invite. And please do NOT post your phone numbers publicly here, we will remove them immediately.

Update 2: Invite window is closed now (8:41pm IST 7-3-2015)

It was bound to happen, the invite window is closed again.

Update 3: Invite window is reopened now (8:52pm IST 11-3-2015)

We’re having fun with this, aren’t we? Invites have been going through over the past few hours, we’ve been told as much by several users. Grab WhatsApp 2.11.561 and try to get called by someone who has the option enabled. We don’t know how long this will last for.