Nelio External Featured Image

Nelio External Featured Image is one of the best plugins available today to help you save your local hosting space and use the images directly from the URLs and use them as your featured image. The plugin allows you alot more to serve the better content and help you optimize the images and save alot of memory and space. People have been asking about the same question again and again “How to add Nelio External Featured Image support to Newspaper Theme.” So here we have the answer, an easy solution to add the support to the theme.

Nelio Featured Image

Nelio External Featured Image can be used in alot more best ways than just using featured image. It allows to you to use external images from anywhere as the featured image of your pages and posts. Here is a simple guide on how to add the support of Nelio External Featured Image to Newspaper theme.


  1. Go to your theme directly and open the Newspaper theme folder.
  2. Possible Folder location: /public_html/wordpress/wp-content/themes/Newspaper
  3. Navigate to the file includes /wp_booster/td_module.php which contains the featured image support system.
  4. On line 256, you’ll see the following statement:

5. Now, replace the above line with the following line:

6. Essentially, what this piece of code is doing is: if the post is using an external featured image, the img tag you’ll have to use is the one returned by WordPress’ standard function get_the_post_thumbnail. Otherwise, use theme’s regular approach (note that the original line wasn’t removed, but used in the else block).

7. Then, in order to fix the featured image when viewing a concrete post, you’ll have to edit file includes/modules/module_modifier/td_module_blog.php lines 213-236. We’ll do the same we did before: we’ll create a new if-else block and surround the already-existing code from lines 213-236 into the else part of the code we add. This is the code you need:

8. This will insert the external featured image into your HTML code. However, the image won’t be visible. You’ll have to add a new CSS rule:

9. You can tweak it as you please, and the featured image will look like the way you want it to look like.

We hope this solves your problems! Also, please note that, whenever the theme is updated, all your changes will be lost.

Courtesy: Team Nelio

Download Plugin: Plugin Link