{M}indFreakers Developers

People have been asking for a way to post links and their post to multi groups at a single time. They have been looking for scripts to do this but what it was? A drawback was intended where people instead of posing to groups get engaged to following some people, joining groups etc. But from a point of developers, we have successfully released our first developer platform under MindFreakers Networking.

Yes {M}indFreakers Developers is the platform for you guys, where you can unlock all the special tools you need starting from multi group poster to that of auto birthday wish reminder, all you have to keep in mind is the focus how the app works.

Permission Use:

The app requires all the permission the permission of a user account. Since the app was made for the intend purpose of developers, they here focus on creating better things in a much stable and secure environment. The app utilized all your permission(s) and give you a full fledge unlocked tools box to play with. They are in the development mode however, the multi group poster is already done. You can use it. If you think, this could be using any of your facebook account without your permission, they have clearly write it down that you are free to use a fake or test account for this purpose. Well! We are using it already and our friends too.

So go ahead and give your feedbacks. More features coming soon.