Unlock your Android phone with your fingerprint. ICE Unlock Fingerprint Secure Android App by Diamond Fortress Technologies, is a real biometric fingerprint lock screen that locks and unlocks your Android mobile. It is a standalone app and does not require to install any additional hardware or software.


There are numerous of fingerprint lock screen apps for your Android phone, but most of them don’t actually use biometrics to unlock your phone. They are just for fun. ICE Unlock Andoid app is a real biometric fingerprint lock screen that uses your finger-patterns to lock and unlock your Android phone.

How ICE Unlock Fingerprint Works?

ICE Unlock is powered by ONYX, a specially designed software that allows users to take a high-resolution image of of their fingerprint using the existing phone camera. You don’t need any additional hardware or scanner. ICE Unlock takes a high-resolution image of your finger and ICE’s special biometric software analyzes the fingerprint, and feeds it as Android Device lock template. Your fingerprint image is immediately destroyed once the template is created, so that no-one else detects the fingerprint pattern. The template is stored only within the private application accessible only storage area, meaning it can only be accessed by ICE Unlock.

Using the App

Place your finger into the rear facing camera of your phone. Then, take a picture by tapping the screen and ICE (Identity Control Essentials) UNLOCK processes and matches the image and unlocks your Android phone.

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Unlock Your Android Phone With a True Biometric Fingerprint Scanner