5TB Free Online Storage

Deepfreeze.io, a cloud-storage service that puts your files into ‘deep freeze’ has announced a name change, additional investment and a new free (for one year) 5TB per user limit for new and existing users. They are providing free online storage contrast with dropbox.

In essence, the service allows you to free up other cloud storage services (like Drive or OneDrive etc.) by keeping your infrequently accessed files in a cheaper (but slower to retrieve) service like BigStash.

To put that 5TB offer in perspective, that amount of storage with the service would normally cost $500 per year. The lowest tier of 100GB would cost $15 per year. If you do plan on using up all your free space, it’s worth keeping this in mind for when the free year is up.

Alongside the name change and new introductory offer, BigStash also announced it had secured an additional €300,000 in seed funding.

About BigStash:

BigStash is a digital archive for your stuff.

RAW photos. Uncut video footage. Lossless, multi-channel audio recordings. Old, inactive projects. Backup copies. Last year’s invoices. Active project snapshots.

You won’t need them in the near future. Stash away in BigStash, your digital archive.

BigStash is built and operated by Longaccess, the company behind longaccess.com, a secure, long-term digital storage built to preserve personal digital archives for decades.

It started as a side-project, as a way to apply our technology and our experience at a simpler problem: a reliable, low-cost cloud storage for rarely used files. Little did we know that it would become much more popular than we expected!

We have now stepped it up a gear and we continue developing the service based on our users’ feedback and our growing experience.

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