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Greetings everyone,

If you are here, you know that Alexa Widget tells the stats about your website/blog, it’s traffic and ranking and report. Alexa Widget has been widely used by bloggers claiming that it improves ranking and helps in SEO of the website/blog as well. Some people still figure that Alexa doesn’t matter much. Pro Bloggers and the top leading blogs claim the same that Alexa is not much worth it, so here is an end point, does Alexa actually matters?

Does Alexa Widget actually matters?

  • A static answer we would say to you is “YES” and why you ask? The constraints are listed below:
  • Trending these days, when people start in blogging or a website, they are more concerned about ranks.
  • People tend to judge and check new website/blog stats with Alexa and ranks.
  • Alexa widget only counts the improvement for the toolbar or widget installed in the website.
  • People thinking that SEO improves with Alexa, yes it do but somewhat.

Starting your blog with Alexa widget will help you boost it’s engagement as well since users will see a good ranking of your blog/website.

How to use Alexa Widget?

It’s easy to your Alexa Widget on your website or blog. Just add a little script and you can see the alexa widget live on your blog/website. Click Here to view the simple guide

Alexa Widget with SSL Support

You can now use Alexa Widget with SSL Support, we have made a loader to load the script with MindFreakers Ajax SSL Loader. Just prefix the script with:



Changes to

That’s all you need. If you need any more help, feel free to comment about how to use alexa widget with ssl support in the commend section below.



  • Yas Seen

    But the image is still in http format.. it break the page security…check it at

  • Nice one.

  • The widget worked but there is mixed content error. Also it is available for your website check it

    • Yes, you may see this as a “NOTICE” so you don’t need to worry about, the latest version update the script and images URL in realtime.

      • it is working thats right but this notice is not good for visitors’ confidence.

  • Jason Brandon

    Thanks for the Article… was GREATLy helpful….

    (Tho sad that this site is @ 4 Million on Alexa… but then again… Glad it came up high in Google Search results enough for me to find this site/information… Happy4that!!!

    Used the above code on my Article Directory Site: https://www.StandUpWrite.Com

    (Note: Anyone may Register there & Write Articles & Associate/Add Website(s) for Free Backlinks)

    Anyhow… I was having Mixed Content issues as well…

    So I …being concerned with ssl/httpS… ranking/confidence etc. …

    I installed on my WordPress Site the FREE plugin ” Really Simple SSL ”

    Worked real good to get that Green Security Lock Symbol… YAY!!! Right???

    But,. on my Page:

    …even though plugin still worked real good about making site ‘Secure”

    it seemed to omit the script for Alexa Ranking I had the before…

    I guess essentially what I am trying to say…

    (sorry… I take so long to get to the point… my family hates that…)

    So long as I used the plugin… ” Really Simple SSL ” and used the

    that the Author of this page/site KINDLY PUBLISHED…

    It totally ended up working for me… :::::HaPPY FACE/DANCE::::::

    Thank You, Thank You, Thank You… As I was really frustrated!!!!

    Hope my comment possibly helps somebody out…