Multiple Group Admins In WhatsApp

Whatsapp Group Admins

WhatsApp has made the number of changes after its latest update.The some of the changes in WhatsApp update are blue double tick that appears when the person receives the message.When you send the message to the person when the message is delivered you will get normal blue tick and when the person read your message then you will get double blue tick. Also, now you can view who have read your messages in the group conversations.Some more changes in recent updates are you can add the captions to images and videos.

Also, the images which you send can be cropped and also rotated before you send.One of the unnoticed features of  latest  WhatsApp update is now you can Add Multiple Group Admins in WhatsApp. Here is the tutorial on how to add multiple admins to WhatsApp groups.

How to add multiple group admins in WhatsApp:

1) Go to the WhatsApp group to which you want to add another person as Admin

2) Now go to the group info area by clicking on the group name

3) Long press the person or contact whom you want to make as the new admin. Now, you will get the following option:

4) Click on Add “Contact Name” to group admins option and now the new admin is added.

5) You can add many numbers of admins as you wish.I have tested up to adding 10 admins to a group and you may also more numbers.


Note: You must be the admin of the group to add multiple admins to the group. 


Now whatsApp also allows you to add 100 members to WhatsApp group earlier it was 50 members.After you make someone as admin you cannot remove him from admin.

Now you can have multiple group admins in whatsapp. Also you will also need the latest WhatsApp version.


Visit this link from your device to download the latest WhatsApp Version.