Grammarly Review

Before we begin with our Grammarly Review, we would like to talk about the “mistakes” we do in our day to day life. Whether it can be leaving your things behind, or forgetting some important work, it can either be holding off to things you love to do daily. Some things like your daily work or anything like that, but the point is we cannot keep on repeating mistakes, to every mistake, there is always a solution, and yes we can fix it now or then. So here we are with the Grammarly review for you.

Each and every day we spent in this 21st century, we press those keys on our smartphones or our laptops to convey a lot of our personal messages or business deals. It can either be to friends, family or relatives; it can be to anyone or the world even when publishing a status to Facebook or putting up a tweet on Twitter. This Grammarly review will surely change your perspective to the use of the new tool.


Like Erica Albright from The Social Network (2010) says, “The Internet’s not written in pencil, Mark, it’s written in ink.” Yes, we totally agree with the statement in the practical life. The Internet is an actually the most powerful medium today. Well, thanks to Social Media and Blogging, its growth is phenomenal these days and increasing day by day with the requirements of ones.

But the point to talk about here is, we do make mistakes, yes the grammatical mistakes, which can be either come up as comments or the share of our views to the general audience, it can come up in any manner. So what sort of help can you get, how to quickly solve your errors and mistakes which can be in your word selection, grammar or any manner you can opt in for.

Grammarly for Chrome

Grammarly Review: Why is it worth a try!

Well, we have been using from past few months and we must say that the tool is just awesome. Talking about its features, it just doesn’t limit you to one standing space of option. Grammarly present you with a lot more options than just solving your grammatical errors. Grammarly has inside features and comes handy with on the go extensions and application that may help you for your day to day life for solving the quick mistakes of your grammar and spellings. It also improves your writing skills and selection of the right words that come up along the confusion. Grammarly also targets your grammatical errors, punctuations, spellings and a lot more. Here is a brief overview about Grammarly.

Grammarly is also supported by almost all the popular and most standard websites like Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, Tumblr etc. since it can help you correct your Facebook status updates or comments, help you post the best tweets on Twitter, help you write the best blog post on WordPress and Tumblr. Thanks to its awesome extensions, plugins & apps that come’s handy.

Grammarly Plagiarism Checker

Yes, Grammarly just doesn’t come up with checking your grammar and spellings, it comes with a lot more features that will surely help you on your journey of blogging. Being a blogger, this is something we always want, we get plenty of guest posts requests on our blog, so this is where the Grammarly Plagiarism Checker comes in.

It helps you check and identify the plagiarism content, it helps you make sure that the guest post is completely genuine and not copied. This Grammarly review is not just about the one thing, it’s more than that. You will get this feature in its premium version but hey it’s worth to invest in such a powerful tool.

Grammarly Plagiarism Checker

We tested this feature using a copied article from Wikipedia and you can see the result about. Not only this, we tried it with other copied content from another blog networks and likewise, the tool is worth to spend upon. Grammarly is the best thing you can afford to spend if you are a blogger or a writer. Conveying messages or anything in day to day life, Grammarly will surely give you a pass from your mistakes.

Spellings, Grammar & Search Ranking

The question here arises, does spelling mistakes and grammatical mistakes actually affect search ranking of the blog or website? Well if you are a blogger, this question will surely be bothering you always.

The answer for this is yes, Google and other popular search engines will surely consider your content’s and blog writing perfection, not just by SEO by grammar and spelling mistakes as well, this is concerned in future of course but some of them do it today even.

Grammarly: Free Plan vs Premium Plan

Grammarly has both a free plan and a premium plan. Now, as the name says, the ‘premium’ plan thus provides premium features, which includes advanced Grammar correction and suggestions, plagiarism checker etc.

If you want to give it a try before you buy, they offer a 7 day trial with Money Back Guarantee, you can sign up for a trial and see how this works. If you are impressed enough, then you can proceed with that. Nevertheless, their free plan is very handy for fixing your basic grammar and spelling mistakes with the spelling checker and it other useful tools.

Grammarly Review

Grammarly Affiliate Program

If you are impressed by looking into all the features by Grammarly and love how it improves our daily life in a matter of seconds, saves a lot of time as well. We are sure, you will love to share this with your friends and family.

Things don’t come in here free, why to give free advice? Well yes, you can earn while you share. Grammarly does have an affiliate program which gives you $20 on each successful premium account upgrade and $0.20 for each registration and install of the extension with a new signup. This is surely a good catch and we are sure, it’s worth promoting Grammarly. You also get a $25 activation bonus as an affiliate.

Grammarly Affiliate Program

Signup for Grammarly Affiliate Program and start spreading the word to the world about the new app. They also have a lot of banners and links that will help you promote like a professional.

Grammarly Review: The Conclusion

If you are someone who writes blog content, personal emails, a top chatter online, work for a content company and love to write, then this is something you should definitely try and use. We spend so much time to make a blog post or an article but we still somewhere lack the perfection for it. The mistakes come’s up in the form of punctuation or spelling mistakes or any of the grammatical errors, then don’t just give you. Catch up Grammarly now!

That’s it. This is our Grammarly review. We’re pretty sure you’ll surely be interested in trying this awesome tool. As far we now, if you really like this tool, you will surely gonna opt in for the premium plan as well. You can give it a try and decide it for yourself. Do sign up for Grammarly and let us know your views in the comments section below.

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