Tricks Google Search Hacks That Will Make You Love Google Even More

[Trick] Google Search Hacks That Will Make You Love Google Even More


Google Search Hacks

Whether you’re desperately trying to shave seconds off your search time or just want to simplify your life, Google has got you covered. The best part? You can do it all from their handy-dandy search bar, no annoying apps or plug-ins required.

Here are 20 life-changing Google search hacks:

1. Find out what the weather is like without stepping outside

Type in “weather” and your location to find out the forecast. Really, you could type in any location to find out the local weather.

2. Choose your next snack by comparing food


Just type in the two foods separated by “vs.”

3. Set a timer

No more fumbling for your phone, just type in “set timer” for your desired time.

4. Keep track of your TV schedule

Want to know when the next episode is? Maybe you want to know if you’ve missed something while on vacation? Just type in the TV show and “episodes.”

5. Calculate your tip and divide your bill

Your waitress will love you.

6. Find out when the sunrise is

7. Also, find out when the sunsets

8. Use Google to translate sentences


Type in “translate” and Google will do the work for you.

9. Have a little fun with anagrams

10. Find out movie times

Just type in the name of the movie for the list of showings.

11. Find out when Thanksgiving (or any holiday) is


Let Google be your calendar.

12. Use Google to play games at work

Google Image Search “Atari breakout” and enjoy.

13. Find out the time in other parts of the world


Want to know if it’s ok to Skype your best friend in India? Google will help you figure it out.

14. Use Google to do your geometry homework

It also works for “solve triangle.”

15. Find out a definition without cracking a dictionary open

16. Use Google to convert units


Want to know how many miles you ran when your treadmill somehow switched to kilometers? Google will tell you.

17. Find out when your favorite movie came out


Who has time for IMDb anymore?

18. Look up flight times

Airlines have some of the worst websites but, luckily, Google simplifies what you’re actually looking for.

19. Travel back in time

Search “Google in 1998” for a fun treat.

20. Find out the answer to life, the universe, and everything

It’s 42.

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