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UPDATE: 31-5-2015 => Down for updates!

Greetings users,

Here is a BIG NEWS!! Yes, you heard it right. With the help of our team and incorporation with MindFreakers Networking, we have successfully made the first ever Facebook Bot. Yes, the bot or robot in full that is capable of doing stuff people would love to do and use directly from Facebook. After our investigation, we have successfully tested most of it’s features (probably commands) provided by the bot. The bot provides the working interface directly from the chat. We have named the bot as Robo and it’s current version is 1.1 and is in beta development mode. Their may be still alot of bugs in it, but it’s a must to give it a try.


About Robo v1.11:

Robo v1.1 (Beta) is a first ever Facebook bot made since today and it has the capability to do the stuffs people would live. It has alot of variant features and commands that can help users to do stuff directly from Facebook and even without using an app. The Robo can tell you about the stuffs happening on the internet and keep doing things for you when required. All you have to is follow simple steps to use this awesome bot and it’s features.

Robo Features:

1) DNSBL List checker.

2) IsUp website detector.

3) Free SMS India.

4) Tweet from Facebook to Twitter.

5) Encode data to base64_encode method of PHP.

6) WhatsApp Messaging Service.


Here is a screenshot of sms feature by Robo.

How to use Robo:

1) Go to https://www.facebook.com/NoobRobo and add the robo to your friendlist.

2) We request you to wait for him to auto accept your friend request for it’s full functionality.

3) Now after the Robo has accepted your friend request, send him a message “!help” to get the list of possible commands you can use with Robo. You don’t have to include just send !help with !

4) Now you will see the Robo automatically replying you with all the possible command you can use. Go ahead and try anything from the list of commands.

5) BOOM!! The bot is now working, try it’s features and feel free to leave your suggestions and feedbacks.

6) Keep in mind, to use the commands, you have to prefix them with an exclamation mark !

If you want the developers to add more features to the bot, feel free to drop an email to [email protected] or contact him here: http://www.sagargulati.com/

Exempted Bans:

Since we saw, there might be alot of jealous people out there, so our developers has also started to include exempted bans in the Robo. It’s as clear as this status (LINK: https://www.facebook.com/SpamRobot/posts/380933715422162) . We want to say:

“Any user who try to abuse our bots commands and try to abuse the bot in any content will lead to a permanent ban from the use of the bot, so beware while you play or abuse with bot. We wouldn’t be asking any questions to you and this would lead to a permanent ban to your Facebook account in contrast with the Robo.”

There have been already 7 or more people banned who were trying to abuse the bot. So we suggest you to follow all the guide lines for using the bot.

Bot Login Feature:

We are soon developing a login feature for our developers and people who want to work with us on this project. We would be making it’s source public soon depending how much people like it and how they are gonna use. Ideas and suggestion first, other things will be considered later on. Bugs? We already told you where to report them. We will also add some quick updates to the bot as well to report bugs or add new commands.

Current Developers:

We have prepared the official list of the current developers working on Robo v1.1 (Beta) so that no one else claims that they know how it works and they have coded it, incase you found someone doing the same, feel free to report us and we will take immediate action against them. Here is the list:

Sagar Gulati (Lead Developer, Main Concept & Idea Designer)

Dhruv Narang (Head of Commands Reference)

Sriram Shyam (Head of Security)




via: MindFreakers Networking