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Greeting users,

So it’s the last day of the year and a new year is about to come who knows what secrets and surprises it gonna give us. So Let’s just hope. Since I was looking around, I thought to share this with you. Every second user online wants to become a hacker and want to take feel the way how they play it. From the side of Facebook, ever wanted to make it your hacker home feel. Well you can now! Yes, Facebook has introduced Leet Speak language. Yes, that will turn you Facebook to Hackers Home. Here is a look:

Facebook Leet Speak Sri Home


So there’s alot more that changes come along. If you loved the way to treat yourself in one of the Hackers list. You must try this out and this could also help you lots to understand the actually Leet Speak. Facebook has always been focusing on providing more to its users so just keep on roaming around and you will find something more useful too.

About Leet Speak Language:

Leet (1337) Speak is a language made for hackers and by hackers. Originating in the early 1980’s, leet speak was first used by hackers as a way to prevent their websites/newsgroups from being found by simple keyword searches.
Leet speak grew and became popular in online games such as Doom in the early 1990’s as a way of suggesting that you were a hacker (h4x0r), and therefore to be feared. So you would like to try it out. Here you go with Facebook Leet Speak Language.


Steps to enable Leet Speak on Facebook:

1) Login to Facebook 😛

2) Head to Your Pages page on Facebook Here and look at the bottom right. You will see something like this:


3) Now, click on the your default language probably English (US) or English (UK).

4) You will now see a popup window showing you all languages available on Facebook. Something like this:


5) Now select Leet Speak and boom! You have been transported to Leet Speak Hackers Home on Facebook.

6) Enjoy!