Earn With Google Adsense

Earn with Google Adsense

Greetings everyone,

Thanks for stopping by and if you here, it clearly shows that you are interested in knowing the fast of earning with Google Adsense with zero investment. First of all, we would like to thank you for sparing time and we request you to go through the complete post to know all the facts and figures on how you can earn.

From past few months we have been working great with Adsense and has target less on generating more revenue from it since our backend services keep us alive but also we still look for more means of generating revenue. Before we could proceed what this project is about, we would like to give you a small description about What Google Adsense is?

What is Google Adsense?

Google AdSense is a program run by Google that allows publishers in the Google Network of content sites to serve automatic text, image, video, or interactive media advertisements, that are targeted to site content and audience. It helps publishers or bloggers to generate amount of revenue by hosting network ads on the blogs, websites or content niche etc. So you can just sit home and post updates about the trending niche, blogs and reviews to earn from right there.

About the “Rise Back” Program by Sharing Tricks!

We would like to tell you that we have been earning a great profit over few months so we are trying to help people who are still struggling to earn or generate revenue from blogs or from the internet. People go try to become entrepreneurs but few of them get successful, more people like Imran Uddin, Scott Offord, Vishnudath Reddy, Jenki and alot more out there with an endless list! So here how it goes:

1) First, you have to fill out this small form so that we can acquire basic information about you!

2) We have some plenty of domains kept aside and we are still looking forward for new ideas. Here is a list of some domains:

  • www.aapchutiyehai.net (Booked!)
  • www.checkandmate.net (Booked!)
  • www.gameorcode.net (Booked!)
  • www.imnehakakkar.com (Booked!)
  • www.mp3doodle.com (Transferred)
  • www.sharingtricks.net (Booked!)
  • www.sugeek.net (Booked!)

3) We are looking for people who could work well publish over these domains for us and we will host the domains along with hosting FOREVER for you! All you have to do is work!

4) For each domain, we need a specific person and we want them to setup the working criteria in a better manner.

Here is a specific list on what we are looking for:


  • www.aapchutiyehai.net (Troller, Comedian, Fun & Entertainment etc.)
  • www.checkandmate.net (Unique idea of hacks, tricks or gameing) [Slot Booked!]
  • www.gameorcode.net (Tutorials updates about gaming & coding) [Slot Booked!]
  • www.imnehakkar.com (Super Fan of Neha Kakkar) [Slot Booked!]
  • www.mp3doodle.com (On request & daily music updates) [Slot Transferred!]
  • www.sharingtricks.net (Tricks, Hacks and Easy of Work) [Slot Booked!]
  • www.sugeek.net (Geeky and Technical Stuff right from Internet) [Slot Booked!]


5) We will be guiding you all the way on how to blog, keep the things updated and how to work like a professional. All we want is you to earn for yourself and stand along supporting other people as well.

6) You can apply as a team or an individual, it doesn’t really matter, all we want you is to work for yourself.

7) After you started working, we would be helping you get your Adsense account on your name instead of our own since the work belongs to you not us! So the profit goes you and yes “Sharing is Caring”! 😀

Extended Careers:

Got an Idea? Want to work online and got 0 investment? You search ends here, the applications are updated and open to public with any domain or new idea that tends to need investment or startup funding. All you have to do is think of what all you need, the domain, the resources and share idea with us!

We will keep 40% of the direct profit so that we can continue helping more people like you in the future for their startups and help them in investment. After all, we are a startup too 🙂

Please go through all the terms and conditions before applying HERE.

Terms & Conditions:

  1. To keep you on the track and keep the servers alive as well, we will agreement upon a share of 60% 40% on the revenue sharing method, where you keep the 60% and we take 40% from your side.
  2. In between, if you drop off with the project, you will be added to our Black List Network and you will never get a chance to get back in again since their would be valid reason for it. Depending upon how loss we have bear, we may take proper legal actions (if required on large investment) to you as per the future agreements.
  3. We keep update with wordpress rather than blogger since it provides more customization and you should be working without copying content, keeping the content original and following the right path of blogging is your goal to reach the way to success.
  4. We will help you get your Adsense account easily like never before and if you are already blacklisted, don’t worry, you can use our account and we still keep your 60% of the share.
  5. If you have another idea of hosting a blog or niche with another way round, we would love to hear it from you, just drop an email to [email protected]
  6. You will not follow any illegal method of development or exchanging the data, the content niche is a different thing.
  7. The music stuff if you thing wouldn’t work well for Adsense, we already had planned how it is gonna work, so for each aspect we will keep you update and working!
  8. Keep faith, trust and believe in yourself and you are good to GO! So don’t wait!

APPLY NOW, Share Your Idea!

Results will be out on 16th of June, 2015 at 7:00pm IST