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[Deal+Review] Free T Shirt From DuckDuckGo Search

Free T Shirt From DuckDuckGo Search Google is fun to say, but DuckDuckGo — at least for me — is a lot more fun to use. While I can’t repeat the name as...

[Review] PLAYBOX – PS4 and xBox One In One Laptop

A guy named eds has from has combined both XBOX ONE and PS4 into one laptop to make it portable. Though it is not as portable as one might think as it requires continuous power...
lg-g3 gold

[Review] LG G3 Phone of the Year 2014

Lg g3 proves to be the Phone of the year-2104 and below are reasons for it: 1. Design : The LG G3 is just 8.9mm which means it's thinner than the G2 going...

Intel Compute Stick Is an $89 ChromeCast size PC That Runs Ubuntu

Intel Compute Stick Imagine being able to carry a fully functioning Intel-based Ubuntu PC in your shirt pocket. Now stop imagining it because it’s here. Say hello to the Intel Compute Stick. Unveiled by Intel...

Saygus V2 320GB Storage: The Multimedia Phone Everyone Is Dreaming Off

Saygus V2 320GB You may not be familiar with the company behind the V2 phone, and that is no surprise as Saygus is hardly a household brand. However, their new multimedia phone...
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