About Team Tricks

About Us:

We are a dedicated team of individuals came together with a common goal of interest. We are not a company, we are individuals with dreams. Sharing Tricks here focus on creating a community to provide the users with the best of the internet. Tips & Tweaks for your desktops, laptops, mobile phones and ever tech gadget you could go off with. We also focus on providing the users with the latest top stories and news on the internet. We here are making a community that will help you make internet a better place.

Digging out the best technologies and other important stuff and changes happening on the internet that will help our users to cope up with daily changing trends. Moreover, Sharing Tricks is creating a environment to provide tools to it’s users and scope of the internet inside it. This will help all our users to learn new stuff and start everything from basic to top level. We here at Sharing Tricks deliver the content to you from all over the web.

We request you all to please read our Disclaimer and Privacy Policy to know us better. We will be using some cookies to make our users experience much better.


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The Team:

Sagar Gulati (Founder, Editor-In-Chief) => A experienced guy with a explicit interest of “The Internet” and tech gadgets and everything from the web. He is also the Founder and CEO of MindFreakers Networking and has experience internet since past 7 years.

Sriram  (CSO, Managing Editor) => A teen aged guy from the state of Pondicherry with a similar goal of interest focusing on more security updates and technology news. He is also a security researcher with a experience of more than 4 years and has been always contributing in patching security holes.