Whatsapp Video Calling

WhatsApp Video Calling Feature Rolled Out!

WhatsApp Video Calling e know we haven't been writing much on our blog post and pushing any updates but as and when required when our users should know about any big news coming up we are...
Grammarly Feature Image

Grammarly Review: Plagiarism Checker & Other Tools

Grammarly Review efore we begin with our Grammarly Review, we would like to talk about the "mistakes" we do in our day to day life. Whether it can be leaving your things behind, or forgetting...
How to Buy Freedom 251

How to Buy Freedom 251 – World’s Cheapest Smartphone!

How to Buy Freedom 251 Freedom 251, the world's first cheapest smartphone that just costs Rs.251/- ($5 approx.) which went on sale yesterday (18th February, 2016) at 6am. Just after that, the website was clocked...
Cool WhatsApp Tips & Tricks

[Infographic] Cool WhatsApp Tips & Tricks You Should Know!

Cool WhatsApp Tips & Tricks hatsApp ofcourse is something people surely love. Starting from a small multi-platform messenger, WhatsApp has now acquired nearly 990 million users so far. After being acquired by Facebook for whooping $19 Billion,...
Best Smartphones of 2015

The Best Smartphones of 2015 that are Worth Buying

Best Smartphones of 2015 he 2015 has been a spectacular year for Tech geeks as the market saw an up rise in the number of smartphone entrants in the market and a host of new players...
Operating System in Browservideo

OS.js is the New Open Source Operating System In Browser

Operating System in Browser S.js is a free and open source operating system that runs in your web browser. OS.js is based on Javascript which has a most of the Operating System main features including...
Nelio External Featured Image

[Tutorial] Nelio External Featured Image Support To Newspaper Theme

Nelio External Featured Image Nelio External Featured Image is one of the best plugins available today to help you save your local hosting space and use the images directly from the URLs and use them as your...
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